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Crochet Braids tutorial

Sometimes you just ‘like’ a person, without really knowing them. That’s the case with me and this lady I am about to introduce..  So I have gotten my own crochet braids, inspired by a facebook friend named Nancy Schieveen. And yes, I had them done by Alejandro Blijd, again. A hair guru that makes my day whenever he comes by to fix my hair, and, so I just found out, also her hair stylist.

Nancy Schieveen is a Dutch Youtuber experimenting with crochet braids for the first time. The main reason why she has them done has to do with her continuous infectious of girls/women with big, fluffy, bouncy but also straight hair.

Don’t get her wrong she loves her own hair, but after being natural for over six years she felt the urge to switch up her look, to have fun with her hair! What’s more perfect than keeping your hair protected, healthy AND having a bomb new hairdo at the same time!? Nancy shows us that a protective hairstyle can be fun, sexy and convenient at the same time.
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Tutorials and vloggers part 1

Vloggers and tutorials are bombarding youtube, and I am loving it. So the upcoming months I will update you frequently on new findings. But yesterday I was pleasantly surprised that even Wholefood picked up the ‘going natural’ trend, and posted a tutorial that makes sence. Watch and enjoy!

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I bumped into this commercial and I was wondering if there are any natural Black Hair Beauty’s that are willing to share their experience with me! Please leave a note!

Top 20 Natural Hair Women on Youtube

Solange Fan

People that have visited this site/blog before already know. It is no secret that I am a big Solange Knowles fan. Her album True, brings a smile to my face, and seeing her live at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam, was one of those concerts beyond a pleasant surprise. Remembering her open for Destiny’s Child at the Ahoy stadium years ago, and seeing how she has developed in such a role model working mom. Love it! And had to share it with ya’ll.



Oprah Fro

She dropt the premiere on facebook, and made everybody talking. Oprah’s new cover is a celebration of Natural Hair, although it is most likely a wig, we don’t care. We LIVE the Natural look on Oprah Winfrey!

Solange @Grammy’s 2013

And while everybody is checking out all the different outfits shown at the Grammy’s last night, I was staring at Solange rocking her fro and green dress. Again, she dares to be different. You go girl!

Solange's afro

Kinks In My Hair

Who’s That Girl?

Beautiful face, gorgeous natural hair, but who is she?

Her name is Prisca Kwaning, a new model signed to Touché Model Management in The Netherlands, and so far, doing great.

So how does this, half Dutch, Half Ghanaian student maintain here beauty? We had to ask:


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What’s the fuzz…


Although I am not a big sports fan, and I have not been watching much Olympic matches, it was hard to miss the ‘hair discussion’ on Gabby apparently ‘fussy’ hairdo….

I had to see what the fuzz was about, but could not find one upsetting picture that could embarrass the black community at all. The only thing that became clearer and clearer, is how extraordinary her performance was at the 2012 Olympics games. …Read more →