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Bringing back the BUN….

Bringing back the ‘Bun’!

I don’t know who to thank, and why it is happening now, but sophisticated buns are everywhere! From Lianne Las Havas to the braids bun Beyonce showed up with all of a sudden at Bergdort Goodman, wearing her own creation for House of Dereon.

I am loving it! Are you?

What’s the fuzz…


Although I am not a big sports fan, and I have not been watching much Olympic matches, it was hard to miss the ‘hair discussion’ on Gabby apparently ‘fussy’ hairdo….

I had to see what the fuzz was about, but could not find one upsetting picture that could embarrass the black community at all. The only thing that became clearer and clearer, is how extraordinary her performance was at the 2012 Olympics games. …Read more →