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Hair inspiration: Lion Babe!

Some of you may know her as the girl featured in Disclosures song Hourglass, or even as the daughter of famous Vanessa Williams, or you know her as one of the musical duo called Lion Babe. The duo is set to release there album in 2016, featuring productions by Pharrell Williams, amongst others. But the thing that you can’t acnore is… THE HAIR! Jillian Hervey’s signature look is an outrageous blond hairdo. Wild, bigger and gets better, it seems, with each appearance.

Watch Lion Babe on youtube:

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Solange Fan

People that have visited this site/blog before already know. It is no secret that I am a big Solange Knowles fan. Her album True, brings a smile to my face, and seeing her live at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam, was one of those concerts beyond a pleasant surprise. Remembering her open for Destiny’s Child at the Ahoy stadium years ago, and seeing how she has developed in such a role model working mom. Love it! And had to share it with ya’ll.