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White moms, kids with black hair – part 1: Get informed

Heidi Klum

Earlier this month, model, role model, but definitely also known as a successful businesswoman Heidi Klum, gave an interview to the Huffington Post about the haircare of het 3 kids she has with the singer Seal. …Read more →


afro events

Walking around, from gig to gig, I got inspired by so many creative looking people bouncing around on one of Holland’s best Music Festival: Lowlands 2011. Looking around I felt I had to capture some great looking hairdo’s and share them with you. Just an ‘inbetween post on my blog for fun. Here they are: FESTIFRO’S

{Image courtesy by Sprottje}

The Natural Hair Parade and Festival

The Natural Hair Parade and Festival is the brain child of natural hair pioneer, Isis Brantley. As the first entrepreneur to own a natural braiding salon in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Isis continues to be an advocate for economic empowerment and pride within the African American community.
“The Natural Hair Parade & Festival is a celebration of natural hair.” Isis Brantley
Erykah Badu, a long time friend of Isis, is a sponsor and supporter of the Natural Hair Parade & Festival. Erykah has challenged Isis to get 400 people to march and participate in the parade. The free event will take place on September 3, 2011 in Dallas, beginning at the Wynnewood Shopping Center,655 W. Illinois Ave. and ending at the Naturally Isis Beckley location, 2642 S. Beckley.

Black Hair in Europe

Black hair in Europe.

I stumbled upon two great items on Blair hair in Europe. Since this site has been online, most of the responses that I have received from the states, put emphases on the differences between Europe and the States. Especially for those readers I wanted to find some more items focused on Europe.

There is a wonderful open en honest item published in april by Yale News that I just have to share with you. Yes, Yale, the American University, about a girl with natural Black hair, and how she is looked at and approached by other students. Read the whole item here.

A funny, and so true review of ‘An American Chick in Europe’ about black Hair Care in Brussels and her search for hair care products! You can read the entire blog at here.


Going natural special

‘Going Natural Special ’ was on News Channel 5 last year and Rochelle Ritchie received so many positive reactions, I have to share this with you once again. For those out there who have never heard of her: Rochelle Ritchie is a multimedia journalist of WPTV NewsChannel 5 who one day decided she was tired of wigs, weaves and relaxers. She wanted to go natural and wasn’t the only one: Going Natural Special features women getting the ‘big chop’ and their amazing hair stories were written, shot and edited by Ritchie.

Read more about Rochelle Ritchie.

Dry hair begone

Damage care by Ojon
I have read the news on Facebook, saw tweets about is and a lot of people are talking about it. The Damage Reverse from Ojon. They describe it as an Instant restorative hair serum… I don’t know about you, but I would love to try this stuff! Share your experiences in the comments below.
{Image courtesy by Ojon and lanabelle}

Fro Fashion Week

If you happen to be in Atlanta from the 17th until the 25 of september 2011, make sure to visit the Fro Fashion week! This event is a celebration of the natural woman and is brim full of workshops, conferences, natural care products, fashion shows and will even feature a penthouse party hosted by Kim Coles.

For updates, you can check their tweets.

See you there!

Little Fro

Sherry Dyanne

A beautiful poem by Sherry Dyanne:

Little fro

I remember,
a long long time ago
When I had. just a Little Fro
My mother used to comb a lot.
2 make sure it didn’t knot
I’d cry and seigh and wonder why
the comb wasn’t a friend of mine.
Then started dreaming of relax
some curly curls or some dread

And that’s just what I did,
the first chance I got.
Ironed every naturel curl,
straight out of my locks.
But the hasle,
was far more than the gain
Due to naturel curly hair,
the wind and the rain

Now growing my locks is so much fun
The dreads have been the easiest thing
I’ve have ever done.
Having tried so many thing,
it’s funny see
I made this journey,
just to get to me

{Image courtesy by Marieke Dijkhof}