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Black Hair in Europe

Black hair in Europe.

I stumbled upon two great items on Blair hair in Europe. Since this site has been online, most of the responses that I have received from the states, put emphases on the differences between Europe and the States. Especially for those readers I wanted to find some more items focused on Europe.

There is a wonderful open en honest item published in april by Yale News that I just have to share with you. Yes, Yale, the American University, about a girl with natural Black hair, and how she is looked at and approached by other students. Read the whole item here.

A funny, and so true review of ‘An American Chick in Europe’ about black Hair Care in Brussels and her search for hair care products! You can read the entire blog at here.


Dry hair begone

Damage care by Ojon
I have read the news on Facebook, saw tweets about is and a lot of people are talking about it. The Damage Reverse from Ojon. They describe it as an Instant restorative hair serum… I don’t know about you, but I would love to try this stuff! Share your experiences in the comments below.
{Image courtesy by Ojon and lanabelle}

To do or not to do? Switch products

good2knowDon’t be afraid to switch products. We often stick to what we know, what we are use to and as long as there are no complains, we tend to buy the same product for years. Like my dad alsways says: ‘A change is as good as a rest’, and your hair might just respond releaved with another fresh product. Like daycreme and bodylotion, your hair gets used to the same product, and a switch might give your hair the break and extra attention it needed.