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12 Years Of Slave


Ok, for me an ‘out of the box’ blog. I never review movies, and I try to stay away from racial issues, since I was raised with non, and am not confronted with racism in my daily life. And because I was convinced that we, 2014, are past that, and should not dwell on it much longer..

But Yesterday, I attended the pre-viewing in the Netherlands, of ’12 Years of Slave’. I had to attend because I wanted to see what all the fuzz was about. And who is this new ‘it-girl’ Lupita Nyong’O? Is she really that good?

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Going natural special

‘Going Natural Special ’ was on News Channel 5 last year and Rochelle Ritchie received so many positive reactions, I have to share this with you once again. For those out there who have never heard of her: Rochelle Ritchie is a multimedia journalist of WPTV NewsChannel 5 who one day decided she was tired of wigs, weaves and relaxers. She wanted to go natural and wasn’t the only one: Going Natural Special features women getting the ‘big chop’ and their amazing hair stories were written, shot and edited by Ritchie.

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