12 Years Of Slave


Ok, for me an ‘out of the box’ blog. I never review movies, and I try to stay away from racial issues, since I was raised with non, and am not confronted with racism in my daily life. And because I was convinced that we, 2014, are past that, and should not dwell on it much longer..

But Yesterday, I attended the pre-viewing in the Netherlands, of ’12 Years of Slave’. I had to attend because I wanted to see what all the fuzz was about. And who is this new ‘it-girl’ Lupita Nyong’O? Is she really that good?

Well, yes, she is, and the movie is well worth the fuzz! This story needed to be told, and it was told so well! Thanks to Brad Pitt for making the production possible. Because, lets be honest, it would have been a lot harder to get it done so well without him. And how ironic is it, that it took a British black man, living in The Netherlands, to tell an All American story so well?!

After the viewing there was an Q&A with Mr. Steve McQueen himself. Somewhat uncomfortable to talk about himself, not wanting to answer if he thinks it would be special if he would win an Oscar and be the first black director to win one. But more then eager to talk about the movie and set things right. I was charmed by this man who dedicated 2,5 years on this project. And it shows! Go watch, and while you are at it, buy the book. It is a true story, told in a diary kinda book, almost 70 years before Anne Frank wrote here story down. And now the world knows the true and impressing story of Solomon Northup.

Nothing but respect!

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