September, 2011 Monthly archive

White Bald Man & Black Hair Woman

Being a white bald man married to a beautiful black woman, the strangest things can happen to you.

Last month I found myself in a ethnic beauty supply store in the Eastern part of Amsterdam purchasing hair extensions. “May I have Mermaid extensions #4 please?” I know this by memory.

There were only black women in the store shopping for wigs with the exception of the obviously gay Indian storeowner. “How many you like?” “Eh…well, can I have eighty packs please?”

“Sure.. you like conditioner?” he said looking at my shiny, reflecting bald white head. I began to wonder…maybe he was thinking that at midnight I wander the streets of Amsterdam as a drag queen. This thought made me smile, secretly.

Sometimes I help my wife remove her extensions. This is always a challenge. I usually use scissors to keep up with her since her unbraiding skills are much better than mine.

Believe it or not, this feels like a very intimate process. I actually like doing it. If you wonder… no, I never played with My Little Pony as a kid, I just love my wife’s hair.

Last week I attended the Sziget Festival in Budapest Hungary. Over 350,000 people were in attendance. Only 1% consisted of African-Americans, mostly performing artists by the way. …Read more →

I Love My Hair

After weeks and weeks of rain, finally, the sun is coming out, and I feel like a hearing a ‘happy song’!