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Can I touch your Hair? How often did you get that question?

In this Video, actress Aasha Davis, best known for her roles as Waverly Grady on Friday Night Lights and Chelsea Lewis on South of Nowhere is also producing and starring in a web series featured on YouTube called The Unwritten Rules, which is based on series creator Kim Williams’s book 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of an African-American Woman.

About this Video ‘Let’s Talk About Hair’ she says: I’ve often been put in situations where I have to explain my hair for sake of being polite to co-workers. This video was basically my life for two years. But by way of being put in those situations, I’ve actually discovered that I really like talking about my hair. It’s something that’s beautiful and something that I’m proud of, and I like sharing it with other people, hence un-ruly.com.

White Women, Black Hair!

White Women with Black Hair

Photographer Endia Beal has work on quite a special photo shoot this summer. White middle aged conservative looking women, but with a twist. They all got a hair make overs. And not just any make over, no. This time, their hair was styles like a Cornrows, finger waves, afros. She wanted them to see how it would look to dress as a black woman while at work.

It is not totally strange to see white women with black hairstyles. In The Netherlands Anouk was rocking dreads for a white, and Avril Lavigne is one of many stars to have been spotted with cornrows and who could forget Bo Derek’s famous ‘do? Even Christina Aguilera once rocked an afro. And most recently Dolly Parton was rapping at Queen Latifah with a blond afro..