Must read on your holiday!

Curacao picked up “LBHB’!


It has been two weeks ago, when Little Black Hair book was released in Curacao and it got quite some attention! Two local newspapers, the AD (Antilliaans Dagblad) and Amigoe, and two radio stations Dolfijn FM and Paradise FM featured the book and the subject of black hair. And before Janice and I knew it, the first delivery of books for Bruna (Bookstore) Curacao were sold out.

Could ‘Little Black Hair Book’ work on the Dutch Antilles? Our answer is simple. Yes!

Why? It’s, as for Belgium, a language thing. Most of the people on these islands were educated in the Dutch language.

Another fact is that, the stories told, and the issues mentioned in the book, are often told by people from Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao. So it hits home.

And how about the ‘going natural movement’? Your first impression would probably be, that ‘going natural ‘ isn’t such a big thing over there, but product wise, a lot has changed the past years. And the prediction therefor is, that the natural hair trend will follow soon? True? We will follow up! But what are your thoughts?



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