Dutch Workshop : NHC Cornrow

In The Netherlands cornrows as populair as in the US, if not more so.
And inspired by this, Natural Hair Club organized this workshop.

During this workshop, you learn all the different techniques and a part of the history and aditional information. The workshop tells you all the tools you need, and at the end of the workshop, it is time to get started to try it yourselve.

The 28th of April is the first workshop
Session one From 11.30 – 14.00
Session two From 15.00 – 17.30

Must read on your holiday!

Curacao picked up “LBHB’!


It has been two weeks ago, when Little Black Hair book was released in Curacao and it got quite some attention! Two local newspapers, the AD (Antilliaans Dagblad) and Amigoe, and two radio stations Dolfijn FM and Paradise FM featured the book and the subject of black hair. And before Janice and I knew it, the first delivery of books for Bruna (Bookstore) Curacao were sold out.

Could ‘Little Black Hair Book’ work on the Dutch Antilles? Our answer is simple. Yes!

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Crochet Braids tutorial

Sometimes you just ‘like’ a person, without really knowing them. That’s the case with me and this lady I am about to introduce..  So I have gotten my own crochet braids, inspired by a facebook friend named Nancy Schieveen. And yes, I had them done by Alejandro Blijd, again. A hair guru that makes my day whenever he comes by to fix my hair, and, so I just found out, also her hair stylist.

Nancy Schieveen is a Dutch Youtuber experimenting with crochet braids for the first time. The main reason why she has them done has to do with her continuous infectious of girls/women with big, fluffy, bouncy but also straight hair.

Don’t get her wrong she loves her own hair, but after being natural for over six years she felt the urge to switch up her look, to have fun with her hair! What’s more perfect than keeping your hair protected, healthy AND having a bomb new hairdo at the same time!? Nancy shows us that a protective hairstyle can be fun, sexy and convenient at the same time.
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‘LBHB’ goes Belgium!

Fase 2: “Little Black Hair Book’ goes Belgium


It’s been a little over 6 months since ‘Little Black Hair Book’ got released. The book has been very well received by the media, and this has resulted in lot’s of media attention in The Nederlands, but also abroad. Time to spread our wings! …Read more →

Shea Moisture!

I had to share this add with you! “Shea Moisture is breaking down the walls that separate the ‘Beauty Aisle’ and the ‘Ethnic Section’ simply by putting their product in the ‘Beauty Aisle.’ ”

Hair inspiration: Lion Babe!

Some of you may know her as the girl featured in Disclosures song Hourglass, or even as the daughter of famous Vanessa Williams, or you know her as one of the musical duo called Lion Babe. The duo is set to release there album in 2016, featuring productions by Pharrell Williams, amongst others. But the thing that you can’t acnore is… THE HAIR! Jillian Hervey’s signature look is an outrageous blond hairdo. Wild, bigger and gets better, it seems, with each appearance.

Watch Lion Babe on youtube:

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Activate bij Bloglovin

Bloglovin’ is announcing the acquisition of marketing startup Sverve, a move that should the expand monetization options for writers using the Bloglovin’ platform.

The New York-headquartered company offers an aggregator where consumers can find and follow fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and where those bloggers can reach and stay connected with a new audience. CEO Giordano Contestabile (who joined last year through the acquisition of his startup Finale) already helps writers monetize through native ad campaigns, but those are “very bespoke, high-end campaigns” and only accessible to the most popular bloggers.

Sverve, meanwhile, has built a self-serve platform connecting brands and influencers for marketing campaigns, and then helping them track the results. These campaigns aren’t limited to blogs, either, but can also involve promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Pantene steals our hearts!

CNN on the Black Hair industry

My first Facial!

facial 2

For some strange reason, it has never crossed my mind to have a facial. And although I consider myself pretty ‘girly’, I spend relatively little time on stuff like hair and nails compared to my girlfriends. That’s maybe why I am so into boxbraids. It’s a one-time (a month) investment, but it gives me the freedom to not to have to style my hair the other days.

But this time I have decided to tread myself to some extra attention for my skin by visiting All Skins beauty institute in Amsterdam ( They are specialized in all skin colors and shades. I had no idea that such a specific specialism excited, but it sounds like I’ll be in good hands!

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