My first Facial!

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For some strange reason, it has never crossed my mind to have a facial. And although I consider myself pretty ‘girly’, I spend relatively little time on stuff like hair and nails compared to my girlfriends. That’s maybe why I am so into boxbraids. It’s a one-time (a month) investment, but it gives me the freedom to not to have to style my hair the other days.

But this time I have decided to tread myself to some extra attention for my skin by visiting All Skins beauty institute in Amsterdam ( They are specialized in all skin colors and shades. I had no idea that such a specific specialism excited, but it sounds like I’ll be in good hands!

Being a facial ‘rookie, I was real impressed by al the research that was done before the actual treatment took place. My skin type was thoroughly tested with a skinanalyser that magnifies the skin by 50 times. And each part of my face was reviewed. I thought I was getting a ‘routine treatment, but I was real happy to see that they customize the treatment to the customers needs.

A full treatment means, you will be in the chair for over an hour and a half. But I left All Skins with eyebrows, that have never looked as sharp and my skin felt soft and clean. I did however, take a view days for my skin to feel less tense. My skin is pretty sensitive, and not used to 90 minutes of massaging, plucking, clarifying the pores around my nose but the result of the facial was clearly visible for that week after. I remember going for this treatment somewhat hesitant, but I am convinced that a treatment every so many weeks is really good for the skin. I takes a bit of planning if you have a busy schedule, but it is never a bad thing to give your skin, and yourself extra love.

Also the tips and products that I took home, have opened my eyes a bit on cleaning the skin. For example, I never use a tonic at home. My routine doesn’t go any further that face wash and moisturizing cream. Now, I use a tonic before applying my daily cream, and I never go to sleep without removing my make-up anymore (I know, very bad and lazy habit).

I also started using a serum that was hidden in the bathroom, and got introduced to a brand called Femme Ebene. A brand developed especially for a tinted skin. As a tinted skin has more melanin (is a broad term for a group of natural pigments), then the average white skin, and often more and wider sebaceous gland among other small differences so it needs different products, What I love about this brand, is that all the ingredient are natural. Yes, that the trend right now, but hopefully a trend to stay. Consumers are getting more and more informed and aware about what they are using and spending their money on. And that’s why brands like this are gaining territory. The same trend you see with hair products by the way..

Ohh, and by the way, I had my toenails done too as a bonus, the full treatment, and they never looks so glam! Again, I am used to doing it all myself, but I need to be honest, having experts do it, makes a lot of difference. Even after 2 weeks, my toes looks divine during my holiday in Turkey. #PrettyInPink

Conclusion? Yes, maybe I should do this more often…




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  1. Eva says: December 3, 20154:32 PM

    I love all skins
    good service for everyone!!
    Nice article

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