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DARE is a new concept created by Naomi Rosheuvel, better know as the designer of the label Nomi and Kimberley Willems, who is a catwalk choreographer at Runway Strutt’. Together they want to organize ‘women empowerment events, and the first edition is focused on the 5 years anniversary of myblackhair.nl

Which Dutch girl, with a great love for black hair doesn’t know Myblackhair.nl?! For those who has no idea, where have you been? Myblackhair.nl is, to my opinion one of the best and the biggest black hair and beauty online magazine founded by Aïsha en Megisa Esseboom. It focuses on hair, but also fashion, products and trends. And now that they have their 5 years anniversary, they have a great reason to celebrate.

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