Hair inspiration: Lion Babe!

Some of you may know her as the girl featured in Disclosures song Hourglass, or even as the daughter of famous Vanessa Williams, or you know her as one of the musical duo called Lion Babe. The duo is set to release there album in 2016, featuring productions by Pharrell Williams, amongst others. But the thing that you can’t acnore is… THE HAIR! Jillian Hervey’s signature look is an outrageous blond hairdo. Wild, bigger and gets better, it seems, with each appearance.

Watch Lion Babe on youtube:

So thought is was time to take a closer look at this hair goddess.

Jillian Hervey, speaking to Billboard Magazine in regards to the duo’s stage name:

“We wanted there to be a certain duality, like there is with Blondie, with me as the frontwoman, you might think I’m Lion Babe, but it’s like, no, we’re Lion Babe. We liked that. It’s about embracing your uniqueness and rocking it.”

Often responsible for her signature big, almost blond, curls, is seleb New York based hairstylist Chuckie Amos. Who has clients like Solange Knowles, Oprah and Tracee Ellis Ross on his list. A joy tho follow Chuckie on Instagram if you love hair as much as I do!

Can’t wait to see her live on stage someday!



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