What’s the fuzz…


Although I am not a big sports fan, and I have not been watching much Olympic matches, it was hard to miss the ‘hair discussion’ on Gabby apparently ‘fussy’ hairdo….

I had to see what the fuzz was about, but could not find one upsetting picture that could embarrass the black community at all. The only thing that became clearer and clearer, is how extraordinary her performance was at the 2012 Olympics games.

I guess some people are convinced that she should have had other priorities, and she should have been all stressed out and worried about her hair too, apart from training, concentration, diet, resting, press, traveling and time difference etc. All at the tender age of 16. I would love to see/meet the Miss of Mister Perfect that would accomplish all this and have a hairdo like Beyonce or Tyra Banks at the same time. And even if that person could pull off an impossible appearance like that, is the state of her ‘bun’ really that important? Really?

“They have no idea what they’re talking about,” the All-Around champ, 16, told US Weekly at the P&G Family Home about the recent buzz over the appearance of her hair throughout her recent competitions. “You sweat and all the gel and hairspray comes out. Even if we did fix our hair, our coach would be like, ‘This is not a beauty pageant! Leave it alone.'”
A young, black woman qualifies for the Olympics, wins the gold, and the main focus is…her hair? It’s upsetting, but shocking it isn’t.
When the Williams sisters made their professional tennis debut in the mid-1990s, there was much talk about their love of bead-and-braids. They were criticized for their functional, but unfashionable ‘do.
And although they have shown there support to Gabby for her accomplishment, the criticism they received in the ‘90ties, did make them even more aware of there appearance. So much, that they both have kept close ties to the fashion industry.
My opinion? Gabby glows, shines and made history! People, be proud!

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