Who’s That Girl?

Beautiful face, gorgeous natural hair, but who is she?

Her name is Prisca Kwaning, a new model signed to Touché Model Management in The Netherlands, and so far, doing great.

So how does this, half Dutch, Half Ghanaian student maintain here beauty? We had to ask:


Name your 5 favorite beauty products you cannot do without?

– Rosebud lipbalm
– Texturising Gum from Wella new wave
– Leonor Greyl -soins du cheveu- hair oil
– Envy me perfume by Gucci
– Ren -vita mineral- day cream

How it the relationship between you and your hair?

My relationship with my hair changes every now and then. I don’t know whether it is the season or my own mood, but it always comes in periods. I’m happy with my curls and my volume, but I am not always happy with the own life that my hair seems to have. Its not like my hair does what I want it to do, but that probably compliments my personality. I just have to accept that sometimes my hair decides how it is going to be worn that day…

Who is your hair inspiration?

I don’t really have hair inspiration. I do see a lot of nice coupes or colors on the street but I have learned not to try it all on myself. My hair had a lot to deal with the past years, so I am trying to let it rest for a bit. Which is more difficult then I thought to be honest.

How did you get signed to Touché Model Management?

I have been studying for the last 5 years with a pause of one year. As a student I did some freelance model jobs to make some money. Touché Model Management then spotted me in a magazine and contacted me. That’s how I got signed. It’s really nice to have a good agency to mediate for me. Before I had to do it myself, what turned out to be a bit difficult sometimes because it was me that I was negotiating about.

What is you life motto?

The biggest mistake you could make is being too afraid to make one

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