Black Toy Boy

black doll

More and more parents with a child of color, are looking for doll with their skin tone, but it often turns out to be quite a journey to find one.

the Dutch webshop however, have a great selection of dark skinned dolls. What started out as a search for a doll their stepdaughter, became a realization that there is a need for a store that sells just that.

“When you see a doll, it’s such a wonderful reminder of your beauty.”

And of course, not just black folks should have a black doll, but I think it would be a real good life lesson, for white people to teach their children that there are other shades of color for dolls. It is a more realistic look at our world.

You can get your own doll at

  1. Marie Willis says: November 16, 20163:30 AM

    Hi Sandra I would like to purchase your handsome looking black doll a.s.a.p because he looks like my future son in law Sudsy. One of my daughters is putting together a short movie for her sisters hens night using a barbie(Alexandra-her sister)and we need a Sudsy (your brown boy ) to play the part of her fiancé. We need it as soon as possible as the hens is in early January. Is it possible to get it in time?

  2. Monica says: October 27, 20189:29 AM

    Hi, love the picture of the boy doll! Do you still sell this doll? I would like one. Please respond/ contact me. Thanks!

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