Africa Fashion Week London

On august the 7th and 8th, it is time for another edition of the annual AFWL, Europe’s largest catwalk event of African and African-inspired design. As the event get more international every year, with people visiting from all over the world, they have invited me, as a Dutch blogger, to attend, what a honor. I cannot wait to get on that plane Friday!

And, is it me? Or is African fashion hotter then ever?


African Fashion

Not just the African designers, but also prints and accessories inspired by the African culture. And it’s seen on the streets, but also on the runway, even more and more artist and actors are seen more often wearing obvious African inspired outfits. Even on the red carpets. And we’re loving it!
The organization of AFWL have chosen not to book established designers, but they try to give a platform to young designers and help push their products out there. Africa has a very strong Fashion culture. And although we see more and more African Designs on the street, and the balance of trade is tilted towards the developed west. African fashion industry, although harbouring a few out-of-the-box successes, is still largely undeveloped, with over a billion people to cater for. Events like this Africa Fashion Week in London, are a great platform to introduce African Fashion to the Media and Fashion industry.
This year’s theme for AFWL 2015 is APPRENTICE & SKILL EMPOWERMENT.
Will you be there?


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