New Trend Spotted!

New Jewelz

No, I am not talking hair today!

Thanks to miss Bee there is a new trend on the move. During here stay in Italy she was showing off her body, she was showing off something else…This time I am talking about the Flashtatoos. Innovative jewelry inspired temporary tattoos for serious (and not so serious) fashionistas. They last 4 up to 6 days, and come in all sorts of shapes and forms.

You can purchase them online, but some small boutiques have them too.

Interrested? This webshop caught my attention, but look around on the internet, and I am sure you will find much more beautiful tats!




Queen B

  1. Sandra says: October 17, 20141:42 PM

    I found some great flashTats in Miami! Happy!

  2. Saskia ( says: October 20, 201410:39 PM

    I just got a package from flashtat, can’t wait to try them out!



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