Little Black Hair Book


It’s been a bit quiet on, but behind the scene we’ve been working hard. The past view months, Janice Deul and I have been working on a secret project. But now that it’s been buzzing in the Dutch ‘Black Hair Scene’ it is time to spread the word.

As some of you know, I have been blogging for quite a while about natural afro hair, black beauty and trends. But I always had an ambition to write a book. Then I meet Janice Deul, a very experienced lifestyle journalist in her own right. As I, she was also playing with an idea for a book. So when we started chatting, it was clear. Let’s do this together!

Janice and I feel The Netherlands needs a glossy book on afro hair in all it’s beautiful ways. A country with so many different cultures, mixes, scenes and different backgrounds produces an very interesting pallet of diversity. And we want to celebrate

A book full of hair stories told by people of all ages, races, male of female and all shades.

We will be talking braids, straight, weave, locks and will reveal hair secrets you always wanted to know. A book, full of beautiful pictures of all sorts of hair styles, and experts sharing information. A book you, as a lover of afro hair, will want to have.

Hopefully in the stores next spring, but you can already have a sneak peak at the progress we are making by checking out our facebook page #LittleBlackHairBook.

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  1. Malonda Rose says: November 15, 20144:17 AM

    The book seems interesting. Can’t wait to read it.
    Will it be in English and available in Belgium?

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