Solange at Met Gala 2013

Benjamin Puckey

This time, it is not just the dress, or her gorgeous afro, but her make-up is done by an extreemly tallented native Dutch make-up artist, now living in New York called Benjamin Puckey. On Facebook he reveiled his secrets, and I felt the need to share it with you:

Make-up done by Benjamin Puckey using Nars
Sheer Glow foundation – Cadiz
Radiant concealer- Caramel
Bronzer- Casino
Highlighter- South Beach multiple
Eye Paint- Ubangi
Duo Shadow- Brumes
Single Shadow- Night Flight
Satin Lip Pencil- Het Loo

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  1. Ankush says: September 12, 20141:08 AM

    Good decision, your son’s hair looks good, AND, it’s nodboy’s business anyway.We used to try to let Cody’s hair grow and it just didn’t work. He would pick and twirl it until he picked a spot. Nervous Nelly.

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