Review ‘Loving Your Hair With Natural Care’

Preparing everything was quite some work, although fun as well,  but most important, well worth it!


On April the 5th , Felicia Leatherwood was in Amsterdam, to share her story, years of experience and knowledge as a hair stylist. With a small delay, and a bit frustrated about not having the things she wanted to share with us because of lost luggage, the workshop started at 15:30 (30 minutes late) and everybody was glued to her lips.


It was clear that this is the kind of workshop that we want more of. Felicia Leatherwood gave us the room to ask questions, and get a passionate answer from someone that obviously is use to getting questions like these. She told stories of experience, and gave examples, insight, and great tips.


Conclusion, we should have more workshops like these, and I am working on it as we speak. The enthusiastic response, and thank you’s and heartwarming mails motivate me to organize the next one.


So keep checking out this site for future workshops and presentations!


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