The Black Hair experience@ AAMU

Going natural has never been as popular as it is now. After years of trends that made us straight, braid, of jerry curl our black hair, it is more and more excepted to let your hair gro in it natural state.

Therefore, a lot of people that have been straightening or braiding their hair for years, are now re-discovering their own hair texture and looking for products, hairdressers and, not to forget, a new’look’.

‘How important is your hair to you and your identity, and what statement are you making with your look?’ those a but a view questions that are addresses at the Mirror Mirror – the Black Hair experience. An event initiated by Kosmopolis in Utrecht, the Netherlands and Black Hair at the Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art.

During this event you get the chance the, literally look in the mirrow of the hairdresser and get a free hair analyze, or even a new look at the AAMU (The Museum of contemporary Aboriginal art). And this treatment is not limited to people with kinky or curly hair, blond, red, straight, everybody is welcome. And all of this will take place at Museum night in Utrecht on October the 29th. Movie maker and performer Quinsy Gario will interview participants on the spot about their view on their own hair, and their thoughts on there hairdo.

More info you wil find on Tickets are already available Uitburo Utrecht. You will find a directory on But don’t forget to check out the tweets of sprottje, and you might just win a free entrée.

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