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During my stay in New York, I had the honor for a short interview and an appointment for a hair analyze and a good haircut with my hair-hero. This week I got to meet Anthony Dickey: The writer of the book Hairrules, my ‘hair bible’, that I have read with great fascination, but he is better known for his work as an celebrity hair stylist.

After reading his book, I was sure, that if I would ever go ‘natural, it must be Mister Dickey, that will give me my big chop. After braiding my hair for almost 21 years, no lie, and having my cousin begging me to get rid of my ‘poetic Justice’ braids, I got more and more comfortable with the idea of going natural. Especially after having a ‘chat’ with him for my blog. ‘Yes, he must be the one!’

Going back to our first meeting. I wanted to hear his views on going natural, and his motivation of launching a hair product line.

My first impression: ‘A passionate hairdresser, who does’nt just ‘cut or style your hair’, but makes sure that you happy and are able to style it yourself once you get home. Without even noticing it, he teaches and educates you on the necessity of keeping your hair healthy. It was clear to me: Anthony Dickey loves hair in all textures but seems most fascinated with curls. And it shows.

I know I went in with a feeing of ‘OMG, he will chop of all of my hair, and having to listen to a speech that I cannot be saved any other way since my hair is dead and impossible to work with. Instead, he instantly saw that I have not had a proper trim in years, but I can be saved, and he did.

It has been a view weeks now, and I bought the products he used on me, and still, my hair has never felt as healthy before, ever!

Maybe it is because it is so extremely rare for me go to the hairdresser, but I did not expect actually ‘liking’ being there and have someone else do my hair. But I loved it. I am already thinking of excuses to go to New York, for my next haircut. Can’t Hairrules open a salon in Europe? Please?

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  1. Viajera says: November 21, 20114:08 PM

    I hate salons as well, but if it’s one where they know how to deal with natural hair…sign me up. We really could use a good salon in Holland.

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