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Thanks for your interest in Sprottje Sponsors!

Sponsors are chosen based on their relevance to Sprottje readers and the topics covered here. To learn more about Sprottje’s rates, please email me at sandra [at] sprottje [dot] com. In addition to button ads, I offer text link ads which are placed in the sponsored text link section of the sidebar. (Email for guidelines). I do not accept paid posts or text link ads inserted in posts, or products in exchange for editorial coverage.



When can you launch my ad? Within 24 hours of receipt of payment and your ad.

How do you do payment? With PayPal invoices (you do not need a PayPal account to pay, however).

How about sponsor posts? Sponsored posts are available on a limited basis. Please contact me for more info.

How do I tell if my ad is doing well? You should set up analytics for your site and track hits on your ad. Remember that the average click-through rate is 1%. However, sales generated from ads are not always immediate, and ads build brand recognition as well.

Where will my ad be placed? Ads are in the right hand sidebar. Banner ads rotate randomly each time the page loads.

Is there anything I can do to make my ad perform at its best? Sure! Hiring a professional to design your ad is important if you don’t have a design background yourself. A professional ad shows that it represents a professional shop, and it’s important to remember that the audience for a design blog is design savvy. I’m happy to switch out ads once a month, so if you’re booking a 6 month ad spot you might want to consider freshening things up every now and then. Now that you mention it… yes, I do know someone who could help you with designing you ad: Mimimou at

Anything to remember when I’m designing my ad? Ads are 165×95 pixels (small) or 165×165 pixels (large) and can be sent as jpg or gif formats. Animated ads are accepted, but transitions may not be faster than 3 seconds.